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Property ownership can provide long-term rewards, but often at the expense of a great deal of your personal time. If you own and manage property now, you have probably found you simply do not have enough time to do everything you need to do, let alone take time for yourself or your family. Or maybe you live in a foreign country and your residency requirements do not allow you to manage your investment yourself. Our Professional Property Management Services in Calgary can help you!

At Mastre Property Management Ltd, we understand the overwhelming demands Calgary’s rental marketplace can make on property owners. Collecting rents, finding and screening tenants, advertising, performing inspections and arranging for repairs, getting all this done can take an army, not to mention accounting and keeping up with the latest in landlord/tenant law. We’ve developed a complete array of Property Management Services in Calgary to help you maximize your property’s investment potential while helping you free up more of your valuable time.

Leasing Services

  • Property leasing on annual basis or as required
  • Contract for term of tenancy
  • Digital Pictures of your home
  • Advertising your Property (Owners expense)
    – Using Internet, rental guides, contacts within the relocation market
  • Showing your vacancies by Mastre representative
  • Comprehensive Tenant Screening verifying employment, banking, and previous landlord information as well as credit checks
  • Signing of Lease Agreements
  • Deposit, and Monthly Rent Collection
    (Owners paid out between 18th and 21st of each month)
  •  Move-In/Move-out Inspections and Walk-throughs
  • Lease Enforcement and Evictions
  • Management Fee – Deducted from the gross rental income on monthly
  • Banking – Deposit of rental income to bank account on monthly basis
  • Non-Resident tax services (filing NR-6, Providing NR-4 for tax return, submissions of tax to Revenue Canada monthly)
  • Insurance – Rental insurance policy (blanket policy) is available at a reasonable cost
  • Payments – Insurance, repairs paid from gross monthly income
  • Easy to understand, itemized Monthly and Annual Account Statements

Maintenance Services

  • Provide Maintenance and Minor Repair Services
  • 24 hour Emergency Service
  • Refurbishing – As requested by owner (painting, carpeting, etc.) quotations provided
  • Arrange contracting for major repairs, supervise work, handle payment of charges

Every vacant day costs you money. Why endure the hassle and expense of the move-out/advertising/move-in process? Call Us. Our Complete Leasing Services will get your property occupied and making money again in no time.

Here’s what we will do for you:

Finding your next tenant:

Finding quality prospects is always a challenge, especially for a property owner working alone. Mastre Property Management Ltd has the knowledge and experience needed to aggressively targeting our advertisements, finding quality tenants and income for you in the shortest time possible.

Showing your Property:

Showing your rental is often the most time consuming step in the leasing process. Never again miss a rental because you don’t have a moment to spare. Our Property Management professionals are always available to show your home.


Screening Prospective Tenants is more important, and more complicated, than ever before. Mastre Property Management Ltd has over 30 years of experience with Property Management in Calgary give us the knowledge, resources and contacts to run quick, accurate and cost effective Credit and Background Checks.

Signing the Lease:

As one of our Leasing Services, we use lease agreements designed to industry standards to protect your Investment Income and you. Keeping on top of the latest property and tenant law means that our leases and practices stay compliant with the law.

Closing the deal:

Stay home and enjoy your family. As part of the Leasing Services, we handle all aspects of the lease closing. From the Move-In inspection, through collecting rent, to handing over the keys, we handle it all for you.

Our Calgary Property Management Services help free your time!

Dealing with the endless cycle of collecting checks, paying vendors and performing the monthly accounting can take all the fun out of property ownership. Having to Collect Rent, communicate with tenants and organize repair issues can add more stress to your life than you really need. Save yourself from the stresses of daily Property Management with our Professional Calgary Property Management Services.

At Mastre Property Management Ltd, we have over 20 years of experience and the skills necessary to handle all your property and tenancy issues. So, relax. Whether it’s dealing with your tenants or your vendors, we take care of the details for you.

So, if you’ve come to dread confrontations with your tenants, and the never-ending cycle of management responsibilities, let us shield you from the daily stress. Contact Mastre Property Management Ltd about our complete and affordable Professional Calgary Property Management Services and enjoy owning property again.

Lower stress, lower turnover, and MORE REVENUE for you with our Maintenance and Repair Service!

Tired of those early morning emergency calls from upset tenants? A broken pipe at 3 AM can ruin you property and your relationship with your tenant, in a very short time. Our fast and responsive 24 hour Emergency Service can secure the situation quickly and help minimize damage to your valuable investment while letting you sleep through the night.

Safe and well-maintained properties mean higher tenant satisfaction, leading to lower turnover and fewer vacancies. If you can’t keep things running your tenants will look elsewhere, and in a hurry! Since every vacancy costs you money, in interrupted income and re-leasing expenses, fewer vacancies translate into more money for that dream vacation.

We all need time to relax, for vacations, recreational activities, for family emergencies, but it can be difficult to find someone you trust to run your business while you’re away. Go ahead and plan it! Do you want the peace of mind of knowing someone will be there if things go wrong? Our maintenance and repair services will protect your investments. The expert staff at Mastre Property Management Ltd is ready to step in and do it all for you.

If interested in our services please read the Prospective Client Letter and fill out and fax us a copy of the Property Feature Sheet. By doing this we can better help you with the management service needs.

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